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© 2019 by SMR Holdings, LLC dba SMR Worldwide. SMR Holdings, LLC is the parent company of: Smart Metals Recycling, LLC; SMR Asset Recovery, LLC; SMR Real Estate, LLC; SMR R&D, LLC; and SMR Exports, LLC.

  • Optimized for data centers, end user equipment, and mobile devices

  • Custom-integrated to provide device diagnostics and serialized certificates of erasure

  • Can accommodate both on-site and secured off-site needs with maximum chain-of-custody controls

  • Automated, high speed shredding and magnetic degaussing applications applied to large batches of non-wipeable or restricted information storage devices

  • On-site and off-site flexibility to support all customers' InfoSec policies

  • Certificates available for download in SmartERP upon completion of every project


  • As Master Administrator, set varying degrees of capabilities and visibility by role by site in your IT Asset Management organization.

  • All online identities are 3rd party authenticated by Okta, ensuring only you have access to your information

  • To ensure continuity, data from your previous projects are stored in our cloud and off individual systems


  • Customize your own restrictions and processing expectations by site, asset type, frequency, or access level.

  • SmartERP can operate as a standalone record of history for all your hardware retirement initiatives, or our engineers can custom integrate it to speak with your asset management database.

  • Your experience with us is what you want it to be. Just let us know how you've always envisioned your ITAD strategy, and our team will get the framework set up, your train trained to use it, and our process to give you the information in the best format for you.


  • Unlike most providers, we are always providing progress updates, so that you're never left wondering.

  • From the moment you've communicated a project need to the delivery of your Certificate of Recycling, our system is updating in real-time all our related activities through to completion.

  • For this reason, our reports are clean, clear, and comprehensive, and ALWAYS available for export from the system at the click of a button.

SmartERP Client Portal

SmartERP is customized specifically for the purpose of hardware retirement. Our SmartERP system is the heart of our success in service excellence, driving consistency, and efficiency on every project, no matter the scope. We own and operate infrastructure to truly deliver end-to-end services while providing the most detailed reporting in our industry! Our SmartERP system has an 8-step process that allows for real-time data tracking for strict chain-of-custody.

- Asset Registration
- Information Erasure
- Physical Destruction
- Redeployment
- Resale
- Recycling
- Shipping
- On-site Services

What do you get with SmartERP?
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- Asset List: Complete asset list of material received at SMR facilities. Track individual assets that have been serialized. It also includes location, make/model/serial number, job order, and status of current asset. 

- Certificate of Disposition/Recycling: At the end of every job order, a Certificate of Disposition/Recycling is issued. 

- Client Dashboard: SmartERP's client dashboard provides you with an overview of all of the essential information of your account including a snapshot of all jobs and the current job in the process. 

- Job Orders: View all past job orders that have been completed at SMR. This area allows clients to download asset registration lists, information erasure documentation, physical destruction documentation, resale information, breakdown of all on-site services, certificate of disposition/recycling, settlement reports, and a state-of-the-art settlement summary. 

- Scheduling: Our SmartERP system allows clients to log in to their account and request logistics and jobs with ease. 

- Settlement Report: SMR provides clients with industry-leading reporting on our SmartERP client portal. 

- Settlement Summary: SMR's state-of-the-art settlement summary is the newest addition to our SmartERP client portal. This summary provides a quick snapshot of the entire job including what services were rendered; asset registration, information erasure, physical destruction, redeployment, resale, recycling, shipping, on-site services. 

All SmartERP data is backed up to two secured cloud storage locations in Virginia and the United Kingdom. Per our Technical Recovery Plan, a Disaster Response Test is issued regularly to safeguard years of information entrusted to us by our customers. To better understand our data continuity strategy, send us a Request for Information (RFI).

SmartERP is easy to use.

Customized specifically for the purpose of hardware retirement, SmartERP is not clunky and mired in unrelated details. We have broken down and simplified a complex process such as technology disposition in a way that you'll love.

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