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What Does 5G Mean for Enterprise IT Asset Disposition?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

With the rise of 5G also comes the rise of increased electronics recycling needs as obsolete devices will need to be properly recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Millions of devices including cell phones, tablets, and others will suddenly become obsolete as their 3G and 4G networks will not be compatible with the new 5G system.

“The transition from 4G to 5G is going to be one of the biggest transitions in our lifetime. The number of obsolete electronics will be astonishing and all of those products will need to be recycled after proper data sanitization has occurred.” Said Kevin Farmer, Director of Marketing & Sales at SMR Worldwide.

In the United States, under 20 states have landfill disposal bans on electronics which includes these cell phones and tablets. The landfill disposal bans make it illegal to dispose of certain types of electronics in landfills due to the ever-growing safety concerns of e-waste and contamination. Consumers are responsible for discarding their own electronics which is a big contributing factor of why less than 15% of all electronics are properly recycled.

Estimates are that close to 50 million metric tons of electronics are disposed of yearly.

What exactly is 5G? The new 5G network is touted by Verizon as being 20 times faster than the current 4G network. This will allow consumers to download content at lightning fast speeds.

What does this mean for Enterprise ITAD organizations? Lots of new equipment including cell phones, tablets, and much more. When looking for a qualified ITAD or Electronics Recycling Solutions provider, you need to take into account the following services:

- IT Asset Disposition

- Electronics Recycling

- Redeployment

- Asset Registration/Serialization

- Remarketing

- White Glove Services

These services will maximize your ROI on your retired hardware. Even though 3G and 4G assets will not be used in the US, there are hundreds of other countries still on the 3G and 4G networks that can utilize those assets and will pay top dollar for that material. At SMR, we have a dedicated team constantly monitoring global hardware technology markets and negotiating upwards, our remarketing capabilities deliver maximum value for all IT assets.

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