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The Next Revelation of ITAD: The Internet of Things

Consumers worldwide are purchasing millions of devices that are internet-enabled, from security cameras to robotics, a large percentage of the objects we utilize in our daily lives are becoming connected to the internet. This allows the devices to become automated, exchange data, make purchase decisions, control daily activities and much more. IoT devices that utilize the internet are progressively becoming E-Waste and with the introduction of thousands of new products a year, the trend of E-Waste regarding IoT items is only going to increase.

When you ask the businesses and consumers what they consider E-Waste, the majority will say computers, cell phones, TV’s, etc. But what you probably won’t hear a lot of are IoT devices including HVAC controls, robotics like a Roomba, security systems, consumer electronics, even HVAC air filters for HVAC units are WiFi-enabled to track their lifespan. This creates many unintended consequences because businesses and consumers are unaware of the potential risks associated with improper recycling.

As technological advancements continue to increase so does the number of items connected to the internet and contain data-bearing devices. Data security should be at the forefront of businesses regarding their IoT devices especially those with data-bearing components. Robotic items like a Roomba collect data identifying the size of your rooms, floorplan, location of furniture, and overall cleanliness of your business or home. Google has dozens of items including alarm systems, cameras, voice assistants, and much more that collect data. The Google Nest thermostat allows owners to track recent usage of their HVAC system, humidity, and temperature.

Simply tossing these items into the trash is not acceptable because first and foremost, they pose an environmental risk and second because they hold sensitive data about your business and home. A secure ITAD solutions provider should be at the forefront of your IT department's mind. Proper data destruction from IoT ensures your business doesn’t have a data breach of sensitive information.

SMR is working closely with End-to-End solution providers, OEM Manufacturers, and Communication Service Providers to create recycling solutions and increase awareness of proper recycling, remarketing, or destruction of IoT devices. These programs include take-back programs, returns, and advanced planning techniques to increase overall IoT recycling awareness.

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