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Proper Recycling for Educational Institutions

Education systems from public to private and pre-school to universities collect massive amounts of data on staff, students, and prospects. Not only is personal information about students collected but family history and loan information are also collected regarding each individual student along with transcripts and much more. This sensitive information should be properly handled, transported, and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Educational systems are required to abide by over 120 laws and regulations regarding student information.

When a student requests information about a school, the institution then begins creating a profile of the candidate. Every time the candidate interacts with the school, this information is logged to build out their profile and track them in the sales funnel. Once a student is accepted, more information is requested including past transcripts, financial aid information, banking information, family history, physicals for athletics, social security number, and more. A complete profile for the student is now saved on computers and servers for that school.

With such a complete profile of an individual, proper information erasure and data destruction are essential so a data breach is avoided. All too often, people associate a data breach with hackers, but data breaches can also happen when data-bearing devices that have not been properly erased or destroyed get into the wrong hands.

SMR’s ITAD division collects laptops, desktops, cell phones, networking gear, servers, tablets, iPads, AV units, and much more from educational institutions. We offer a wide range of services including White Glove which is our turnkey ITAD program in-which SMR comes to your facility, serializes all assets, packages the assets, and ships or transports those assets to one of our processing facilities for disposition. Depending on the sensitively of the assets, a full-team of secure logistics experts are hired to ensure safe transit.

At our facilities, our team of highly-skilled staff then go over each asset with a fine-tooth comb and determines the assets path, either remarketing or recycling. If the asset is in good working order and above tech line, the asset is remarketed via various e-commerce and wholesale partnerships. If the asset is recycled, parts that are in good working order are harvested for resale and items that are not, are then responsibly recycled.

The University of Richmond and SMR teamed up the last two years to offer an on-campus recycling drive which has yielded over 7,000 pounds of electronics each year of the program. The program allows staff and students to recycle outdated IT assets at the end of the semester rather than tossing them into the dumpster.

What does SMR recycle in the education industry?

- Computers (desktop & laptop)

- Computer Peripherals

- Cell Phones

- Defibrillators

- Medical Equipment

- Portable Electronic Devices

- Printers/Copiers/Fax Machines

- Projectors

- Servers

- Telecom Equipment

- Tablets

- TV's/Monitors

- Wires/Cables

For more information on SMR, please call us at (704) 873-8878 or email at Our website URL is We’re ideating new solutions all the time, adding not only new service locations but new service capabilities.

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