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© 2019 by SMR Holdings, LLC dba SMR Worldwide. SMR Holdings, LLC is the parent company of: Smart Metals Recycling, LLC; SMR Asset Recovery, LLC; SMR Real Estate, LLC; SMR R&D, LLC; and SMR Exports, LLC.


  • As though you employed a team of seasoned secondary hardware salespeople (without paying for their headcount), through Marketplace, we can direct-ship your assets to a certified 3rd party site

  • Managed at all times through SmartERP, our customers work with SMR as its single-source vendor, while SMR manages the transactional level details to standardize the service experience 


  • Our system optimizes the location by factoring in expected returns for your hardware, door-to-door distance, and processing capabilities you require/desire, among others

  • We use an internal ranking tool to move more assets to 3rd party partners that receive high marks in service excellence and reduced processing costs, ensuring you are getting the best treatment at the best price.


  • Often juggling multiple hardware refreshes in different parts of the world at any one time, our customers bear enough costs constantly keeping paperwork compliant with one ITAD or recycling vendor, let alone dozens, even if it is economically beneficial to do so.

  • Leveraging the compliance strengths of SmartERP, Marketplace helps keep all documentation in one place for you, categorized by site by project by service type, generating increased value while absorbing burdensome administrative costs

Most service industries would be far better off with the introduction of extremely transparent competition, and Marketplace administers just that for the hardware retirement space. Our impact, however, is not just in continually lowered costs and elevated service for our customers. Most importantly, we manage historically costly and time-consuming compliance diligence. We take this problem away for you and give you the power of choice.

Dashboards are crucial in measuring your program's success.

And we measure it all in real-time. Below are some examples of what we can track for you.

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