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  • Able to meet the standards of DoD 5220.22-M, NIST 800-88, HIPAA, and ADISA

  • Optimized for data centers, end-user equipment, and mobile devices

  • Custom-integrated to provide device diagnostics and serialized certificates of erasure

  • Can accommodate both on-site and secured off-site needs with maximum chain-of-custody controls


  • Automated, high-speed shredding and magnetic degaussing applications applied to large batches of non-wipeable or restricted information storage devices

  • On-site and off-site flexibility to support all customers' InfoSec policies

  • Certificates available for download in SmartERP upon completion of every project

Why SMR for data destruction?

  • On-site witnessed physical destruction of all data-bearing assets including HDDs, SSDs, CDs, tapes, and more. 

  • Complete chain-of-custody report for all data-bearing assets with complete audit reporting.

  • GPS tracking information of loads during the logistics process. 

  • R2 Certified and meets or exceeds DoD, NIST, and HIPAA for data sanitization.

  • SmartERP Client Portal is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

  • Secure barcoded tamper-proof seals for containers and trailers. 

Data is, without question, the most important focus material for SMR. The verified destruction of our customer's information, across all product categories utilizing multiple lines of privacy defense, gives confidence to all our IT Asset Management solutions. Get in touch to send us a formal Request for Information.

Data Center Infrastructure

  • To leave digital evidence of proper information management, we HIGHLY recommend requiring on-site data erasure for all assets in the data center

  • SMR and its contractors will provide equipment and operators sufficient to perform sanitization, not leaving the site until a serialized certificate of erasure has been verified by our customer

  • Besides data erasure, SMR does offer on-site capabilities, capable of destroying up to 1,000 devices per hour in a quiet, self-contained, environmentally friendly manner

Mobile Devices

  • FutureDial software automates mobile storage erasure and is certified by ADISA for meeting ADISA risk levels for sanitizing data 

  • Semi-automated mobile line separates devices unable to power on for data sanitization, and operator drills NAND on board to guarantee data destruction

Desktop Equipment

  • WipeOS utility can perform DoD 5220.22-M, NIST 800-88, HIPAA, and ADISA  compliant hard drive sanitation for both SATA drives and SSDs

  • For IDE, floppy, and tape drives or drives failing to clear 100% 3rd party verified erasure on all sectors, SMR destroy in batch or bulk via degausser and/or high-speed shredder

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