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© 2019 by SMR Holdings, LLC dba SMR Worldwide. SMR Holdings, LLC is the parent company of: Smart Metals Recycling, LLC; SMR Asset Recovery, LLC; SMR Real Estate, LLC; SMR R&D, LLC; and SMR Exports, LLC.

What is component harvesting?

At SMR, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients while maximizing their revenue on retired IT hardware by harvesting all remarketable and reuseable material from their assets. LCD monitors can be remarketed for TV screens, cell phone screens can be remarketed for coffee makers, IP phones, printers, and even digital watches. Computers CPU and RAM contain valuable gold, copper, and silver that can be extracted and re-introduced into the market. 

Accepted Material

* Batteries (lithium and cobalt can be harvested for new batteries)

* Computers (hard drives, power supplies, CD/DVD drives, heatsinks, circuit boards can be remarketed if in good working condition or harvested for gold, copper, silver, and steel, LCD monitors and keys/touchpads as whole units for remarketing)

* CPUs/Processors (can be remarketed if iSeries and in good working condition or harvested for gold and aluminum)

* Memory/RAM (can be remarketed if in good working condition or harvested for gold and silver. 

* Cell Phones (screens, speakers, charging ports, SSD/on-board memory can be remarketed if in good working condition)

* Networking Equipment (routers, switches, and more can be remarketed if in good working order)

* Servers (same as computers above for remarketing and harvesting of gold, copper, silver, and steel. 

What Makes SMR Different? 

SMR is the industry leader in finding companies efficiencies in the reverse supply chain relating to old IT assets (computing, mobile, telecom, storage, auto, and more). Critical technical capabilities lie in our maintenance and continuous growth of our “partner network” at all points in the supply chain (ODM/OEM, 3PL/reverse logistics, end-users, and even other material recovery providers). SMR strives to increase valve for our clients while minimizing risk and maximizing revenue.


We disposition excess End-of-Life (EOL) IT assets and buy back essential parts, to extend the ever-shortening product lifecycles in our increasingly hardware-centric world. We provide a tiered software visibility solution that allows our partners to track disposition transparency while also joining a greater sharing economy to close the loop on their repair liabilities. Our circular design solution produces highly sustainable results that are more economical and at a pace that is quicker than the industry standard. This allows everyone in the network to collectively combat any external actor who is leveraging destruction to increase their revenue by creating parts scarcity.

SmartERP Client Portal

SmartERP is customized specifically for the purpose of hardware retirement. Our SmartERP system is the heart of our success in service excellence, driving consistency, and efficiency on every project, no matter the scope. We own and operate infrastructure to truly deliver end-to-end services while providing the most detailed reporting in our industry! Our SmartERP system has an 8-step process that allows for real-time data tracking for strict chain-of-custody.

- Asset Registration

- Information Erasure

- Physical Destruction

- Redeployment

- Resale

- Recycling

- Shipping

- On-site Services

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WE THINK DIFFERENTLY: Our fresh perspective has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in electronics recycling today. We do not take “no” for an answer and are constantly evolving our company to better service our clients. Engrained in our organization is to work together with our clients to build the best possible program for both parties.

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